The Cat-People, or Felinatta, were a widespread race of galactic scavengers. They were a female-dominated species thinking male dominated species should be neutered.

Biology The Cat-People looked like cats on Earth and possibly had a similar biology. They stood upright and had very strong bodies, opposable kitty-paws and gave birth to litters. One sub-species, the Aegis, used metamorphic cats for undercover missions, possibly indicating that Cat-People were capable of shape-shifting. Genetic Relations The Cat-People were either a taxonomy or some sort of phenomenon, like humanoids and near-humans, as they were related to many cat-species in the universe. These include... • Lion-men of Mongo • Felinoids of Cait • the Mercenaries of Gin-Seng • Aegis of Vedela and Capella • Kzinti warriors • Cheetah People • Kitlings • Catkind of New Earth As these are sub-species of Cat-People, it is possible cat worlds like Cait and Vedela are rogue planets that drifted out of the Lynx Constellation. Technology The Cat-People had access to space travel, thinking their ships were the most powerful in the Milky Way Galaxy. They could create a "fear-barrier" around their ship. This barrier can induce people’s worst fears. They carried ray guns. History Before this group of Cat-People invaded Earth they had eradicated a reptilian race on the planet Calidon and skirmished with rebels on the frontier world of the Maskill system. In 1994, the Cat-People travelled to Earth in an attempt to explode the beacons left on Earth 40,000 years earlier by the Eudians. They were defeated by Michael Vangelatos and his compainons.