The Krotens were a crystalline race from the planet Aspia.


The Krotens evolved from predatory quasi-organic crystal which could mimic their prey's abilities. At some point in their history they encountered a Human service robot and mimicked it, thus attaining semi-sapience. As they evolved they became semi-sentient armored crystalline beings which fed on and were psychologically linked to mental vibrations. The Krotens had crystalline bodies which could be broken down and reformed to suit the environment and the situation which they were in. Krotens had poor eyesight in daylight and kept the insides of their ships dark. When venturing out in the daylight, a Kroten had to rely on the guidance of another Kroten giving directions through use of a camera-like device. History Early history The Kroten Absolute were overseen by the Latticcee originally a fortress on the Kroten's home world. It contained the four most intelligent brains in the Kroten Absolute. The Latticcee was moved from the Kroten home world when the war began with the Aspians. It took over four thousand Krotdns to lift the Latticce into orbit and it had exhausted all of them. Krotens had different appendages based on what they need.

Encounters with Michael Vangelatos & the Zeus crew

The Krotons encountered Michael Vangelatos on at least three occasions. On one occasion he and Caesar killed a pair of Krotens stuck on a planet of humanoids-the Goronds. The Krotens had enslaved and manipulated the lives of the Goronds for generations so that they might power a Kroten spacecraft with mental energy and escape the planet. Michael assisted in the Krotens' destruction with sulfuric acid. The second encounter was on Earth during the auction of The Relic. The Kroten Absolute intercepted a Sockmen cruiser on its way to the auction and sent a Kroten ship of the Sockmen's ship in their place. Michael Vangelatos, who attended the auction, was unaware at first of the Relic's origins or of the Krotens' presence. The Krotens killed almost every other participant in the auction for the Relic during that attack. He defeated the Krotens by launching a chemical he designed to be used against them called KX-113 into their ship when they tried to bring the Relic aboard their ship.