The Lloigor were a group of Pre-Universe beings.

They were not native to this universe, but one among them, the Pwodarauk, was able to get into it. The effort and energy spent on doing this meant that the others would be unlikely to try the same thing.

This involved passing into a parallel universe that would survive for a fraction of a second before the destruction of the previous universe and after the beginning of the current one.

The Animus was frequently identified as Lloigor. According to the seed of the first Animus, Animus was a name given to it on Vortis.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • August Derleth created the singular Lloigor. Colin Wilson created the plural Lloigor, a race of invisible energy beings that could manifest as dragons and "sea-devils". In Wilson's story, they are associated with the names of obscure Great Old Ones that H.P. Lovecraft named in stories he ghost-wrote. The protagonist of Wilson's story concludes that Derleth's Lloigor got its name from the race.
  • Both Grant Morrison's Zenith and Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen use the term Lloigor to identify Great Old Ones created by Lovecraft or Derleth. In fact, the League appear themselves in the Mythos, but they differ slightly from the books.