Ming the UnMercifulEdit

Also Known As: Ming the Most UnMerrciful
Species: Human
Home Planet: Some Human colony that no one cares about
Appearances: New Adventures

During the 22nd century, Ming was a woman in her fifties who worked for STS as the Chief Controller of the STS. During the Stunnel Incident she was elevated to STS Director General.

Ming was English, and referred to her ethnicity as ninth generation Bradford Cantonese. She was a partner in a polygamous marriage and resided on the Isle of Dogs.

After the Stunnel Incident, she became Director of the Butterfly Wing temporal research project, based on a space station owned by a small company located in the vicinity of Europa. She resided there with her Number Two Husband until the base personnel were forced to evacuate when the project's detonated its reactor to power the first time jump and destroy all the accumulated research.