1. Army of Death is the first story of the Newer Advenures.


Michael’s time machine brings Michael and Matt to the continent of Zelonia on the frontier world Raxine – where, many moons ago, the twin city-states of Garrak and Stronghaven bore testament to mankind’s colonial spirit.

That was before the sinister death cult of Garrak’s President Harmon took hold – and Garrak annihilated itself, utterly, in an apocalyptic explosion. Before the bones of Garrak’s dead came back to life, and its skeletal citizens began marching, marching, marching on Stronghaven itself.

The skeletal army of death captures Matt, and a skeletal Harmon sends a message to Michael, telling him to bring him the nuclear core of Stronghaven, when he does, he brings a suit protecting him from the Youluyessess energy, the Youluyessess are an energy race in mechanical, door-like bodies, Michael finds and releases them and they manifest in Hamilton. After rescuing Matt, Michael uses his Flintlock pistol to destroy the nuclear core and the Youluyessess, the energy forms and binds together when Michael uses his Zeo Pistol to merge the binds, When Michael does this, he revives the core. He gives the core to Stronghaven, while Matt and him escape in the time machine.

In the Epilogue, Michael returns home, only to his horror to track a familiar trace of energy and Pollo’s New Body gone, he tells Pollo that he thinks that he knows who possessed the body, that he doesn’t know what type of power he possesses now, and while he is conversing, Pollo’s new body is seen, and the mysterious intruder disappears in a blue light.