Operative 19 is a man who lives in the parallel earth of Lamulet.

This world is a cross of 1940's-1950's noir-style Earth with a few futuristic enchancements.  He was brought in by the TTO Corporation's Investigation and Survelliance Unit in order to stop the Yokova Family, the Sombra Corporation, & alena Yokova's Crime Syndicate


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Skilled Marksman: Op. 19 carries twin Colt M1911 pistols. He uses it with great proficiency and is considered one of the best in New High City. Op. 19 can use a variety of other weapons, including shotguns, rifles and machine guns. Op. 19 is a very talented marksman, being able to hit target from long range with a pistol, as evidenced by him being able to shoot Yakone, who was well over 50 yards away

Above Average Human Endurance: Cole is in peak physical condition, being able to chase and keep up with most criminals with ease.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Op 19 trained in Boxing while he was in training, and also has other various hand to hand skills, and he can hold his own against many foes in a fist-fight. He took on two people, one of them a huge man who was hard to damage, by himself.