The First Xhadow War, also known as the Last Great Xhadow War or the Third Great Space War was a massive galactic conflict which happened ages ago. During this war, the Xhadows were held in check only by the combined efforts of the Unarians, and other races.

The name "Last Great Xhadow War" implies the existence of undocumented Xhadow Wars before it.


The Xhadows and the Unarians began an escalation of hostilities.

The main force was said to be made of a fleet of Xhadow ships. The Unarians used over a million BAttleships, Goriships, E-Forms, Wormhole Ships, and Trigo-Vessels were used. Anillon, New Forge, & the Vorlan Empire were also involved.

In the first year, a cyycolmedian general called Octavions was killed at the Gate of Illusions when his command ship flew into the jaws of the Nightmare Beast.

During the war, the entire chain of Hell Hotels were destroyed, the Estine Conciousness's protein planets were destroyed, including Ploys, their home planet. Kotolarix was destroyed, leaving behind a nebula. Another of the battlefields was the city of Atlantis. At the heart of the war, millions died every second.

The Unarians and the New Forgians, believing him an excellent soldier, recruited Gog. Gog was at the Crucible, but when Xhessimor took control of it, he ran in fear. Later in the war, the Revanchist led the battle to save Unaria.

Toward the end of the war the Xhadows sent a capsule to Earth in the Year 1 to spread Xhadow "DNA" amongst humans. The capsule's engine exploded and the Wulek was killed soon after impact.

Other horrors and terrors seen in the final days of the war (including the Xhadows) were the Deathsmiths of Ith, the Degradations, the Horde of Travesties, the No King and his Army of things that Never Happened and Existed and the Nightmare Beast. The Last Unarian called the war in its final days "Something worse than hell."


Unaria's destruction. In the final days of the War, the Last Unarian tried to regain the Key, which had been stolen by unknown forces. After being imprisoned for a month, with the help of The Nightbird he overpowered the guards and escaped with the key. With the key, he activated the Last Minute, the weapon that would destroy everything. With the exception of a very few survivors, the Unarians were basically all killed and the Xhadows where almost destroyed. The remaining Xhadows fled and were imprisoned, along with other Great Old Ones. It is possible this is the event that destroyed Azathoth's mind.

Unaria was destroyed in a silent flash as bright as a sun. Its annihilation was so profound it stretched deep into the past and far into the future. It ruptured the Heavens and shook Hell. The blast was so powerful the Omniverse convulsed as planets, systems and galaxies were obliterated.