The 2005 Mass invasion of Earth was the attempted takeover of Earth by several races for the purposes of breeding more warriors far the Calntarins war against the Rubans.




During the early 21st Century , the Calntarins Empire was losing its war with the Ruban Host. However, they started to win around 2005 because of an alliance to other races such as the Orfiens, the Sangilehi, the Mor-Taxans etc. The Rubans had a base in the Sol System and the Calntarins were running out of soldiers after their failed attack and needed to produce more. They decided that a large planet such as Earth would be a good target and set about their plans to eradicate humanity and convert Earth into a cloning factory. They decided to take it by force.


They went and attacked the Ruban base with their new J'Blaf cruiser, the self-proclaimed most powerful ship in the Milky Way Galaxy. They nearly destroyed the Ruban's base. They attacked Earth with massive drill-like machines launched into several locations on the Earth


UNIT prepared many plans for this Invasion Fleet, including firing nuclear weapons at the J'Blaf cruiser. This attack was thwarted when the missles didn't even leave a scratch on the Calntarin cruiser.

Calntarins and other races attacked numerous places in the world. Michael and his companions rushed around the world to foil the drilll-like machines & stopped the attack of the UN building.

Around this time, an attack squad attempted to take Area 51 from human forces and killed many humans in the area. Shortly after, UNIT prepared its soldiers and used several new weaponry and the help of Michael and company to take down the attack squad. MIchael and companions where able to ge on the captial ship-the J-Blaf cruiser.

Calntarin DefeatEdit

Michael ignited the ship's self-destuct system and killed the commanding officers. The Calntarins then planned to completly bombard the Earth with its fleet. However, the Rubans and others came to destroy the fleet. Michael exploded the flagship; its fragments destroyed the rest of the fleet.


UNIT, under Michael's survelliance, took advantage of the technology left behind in the remains of the alien soliders This led to new weapons to fight alien threats, which would prove useful during the Second Xhadow War, the Annizilator Wave, & others threats.