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  • Logos the Undisputed2-New Account

    Well, a lot of friends ask me who the new villian is, until I decide to change it, it's a character I named Logos, based on my account name. A lot of people wanted it to be some of the following villians.

    • Gog- Because he died during the Anizilator Wave and he is a famous Anti-Michael villian, known for being a pain in the butt for heroes like Michael, the New Monster Squad, Ash Williams, the Cosmic Rider & he is the archenemy of Reno of New Forge, and has caused them even more trouble than the Xhadows have caused New Forge. A theory is that he could have transported his mind to the body by telepathically sensing the hand of Mecha-Michael' signal.

    Reason why I didn't choose him- Here are several reasons why I didn't choose him.

    1. He originally is…
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