The Xhadow Fleet, also known as the Xhadow Imperial Fleet or the Xhadow Royal Navy (and it has other names) is the massive fleet of battleships used by the Xhadows.

Ships of the FleetEdit


Basic Xhadow Fighters-These Fighters are perhaps the fastest vessel ever seen so far. While not as tough as other Xhadow Ships, the smaller size of the Shadow Fighter might be the key factor in a battle. In addition to pure speed and agility the fighter is also able to "phase" from realspace into hyperspace at any given time.

Advanced Xhadow Fighters- These ships are well known for their strength and can easily flush away even Capital Ships. They are often used for bombing areas and specialized targets.

Xhadow Capital Fighters- These fighters, shaped like a flying saucer, are the secondary leading force in a fighter squad. Like the advanced Xhadow Fighter, they can be used to bomb targets and, like the Basic Xhadow Fighter, are very fast.

Xhadow Flag Fighters- Not much is known about these fighters, but they are mentioned to be "strong as shit" and, given the fact that they don't appear very often, it's safe to assume that this is a ship that should never be encountered on any cicumstance.

Smaller Ships (Frigates, Transportd, Gunships, Scouts, etc.)Edit

Xhadow Scouts- The main task of this ship is to scout areas before other Shadow vessels move into this system. The ship has a very advanced communication array to stay in touch with the rest of the fleet. It has massive amounts of firepower.


Xhadow Battlecrab-The basic battlecruiser of the Xhadow Fleet. This ship carries enough firepower to slice flagships in half and even a big Moon or a planet the size of Mars in half with little to no effort. It is fast and near-indestructable. They have the abilibty to phase in and out of hyperspace, instead of creating jumpoints. It has something called a "Nano-Crystalline Armored Hull" that can easily withstand the heart of a blue star for basically forever. It carries shields that can withstand and supernova. They are usually 1000m-10,000m at average, Xhadow Battlecrabs appear to "grow" like organic ships, and they "evolve" into Xhadow Warscorpions.

Xhadow Warscorpions-The Advanced Battlecruiser of the Fleet. It can fight off against every race in the Milky Way Galaxy & the Andromeda Galaxy easily. They were seen in the Annizilator Wave event. They usually 14,000-18,000 m long. They "evolve" into a Xhadow "Lobster"-class battleship, also known as a Xhadow Capital Cruiser

Xhadow Capital Cruiser- Also known as a Xhadow "Lobster" These ships are known for their destructive power and equal the firepower of only 5 Xhadow Battlecrabs, wheras the Warscorpion only equals 2 or 3 Battlecrabs. This makes them deadly enough to attack 2 or more Vorlan Dreanoughts and can still focus on more ships coming their way. They "evolve" into flagships.